A patriarch of the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church is trying to criminalize “modern heresy” and all its “offensive” byproducts (like art). Since the courtroom fracas and conviction of Moscow curators, extremist religious groups seem to be nostalgic for Czarist inquisitions. They’re proposing punishing heresy with 4-6 years in a prison colony and confiscation of property.

But not to worry: Russian LiveJournal bloggers dismiss this as a crazy man’s yammerings, sensationalist bullshit and a legal impossibility, since such law would violate Russia’s constitution. Moscow curators convicted on “inciting religious hatred” with a Jesus Mickey Mouse would say differently, seeing how the heightened level of censorship in art is quite… crazy.

Below are a few more works from the convicted curators’ Forbidden Art exhibit. Point of interest: Christ endorsing McDonalds in “This is My Body” that wasn’t even meant to comment on religion but on our society’s worship of consumer culture. Nonetheless, a bearded, hammer-wielding maniac calling himself “Leonid, servant of God” stormed the art show, broke the frame and tore apart the print. Also, PG Group’s “Glory to Russia” posters, the simplistic but somehow controversial photo collages showing Russia’s prostitution crisis and oil greed (Not included below: the police sodomizing the army, a most literal visual metaphor.)