The highly designed prison yard-looking space that is the 9/11 Memorial site announced that it has processed over one million visitors since its grand opening in September. The most recent notable attendee was a woman from Tennessee who brought along a loaded .32-caliber handgun in her purse.

Meredith Graves, who is somehow a fourth-year medical student, did a have permit to carry the weapon, just not in New York. While navigating through the multiple security points, she saw a sign that said “No guns Allowed.” Graves assumed that was her cue to ask a security guard if she could check the sidearm, you know, like a coat. Instead, she was arrested and charged with felony gun posession.

As you can imagine, the 9/11 Memorial has a strict policy and only first responders on designated days are allowed to walk around the memorial strapped.

(Photos: ANIMALNewYork)