A Guide to Making Specious Arguments About Jared Lee Loughner

01.11.11 Lauri Apple

Some people say Arizonan “psycho with a ‘killer smile’” Jared Lee Loughner was a right-wing crazy. Others say he was a left-wing crazy. Which statement you believe in more almost entirely depends on your own political preferences, and not on any pesky facts.

But how to argue your side comprehensively?

Here’s some key details to making both arguments.

Lefty Jared Lee Loughner:

–He read The Communist Manifesto once. It might have been/probably was his favorite book.
— One of his favorite videos on his YouTube channel was a link to a burning flag.
— He claimed that the government uses mind control.
— He smoked pot.
— He was atheist, maybe.
— He had long hair once.
— He was inspired by Barack Obama and Saul Alinsky.
— He worked at an animal shelter.
— He was anti-government.

Righty Jared Lee Loughner:
— He read Mein Kampf once. It might have been/probably was his favorite book.
— He had staunch views on abortion.
— He was into “sovereign citizen” thinking.
— He was into guns–especially ones with extended magazines.
— He ranted about the Constitution.
— He didn’t like American currency because it’s not backed by gold or silver (Ronpaulonomics).
–He mentioned anti-Semitic groups in blog postings.
— He was anti-government.

Hope this helps you during your next shouting match about Jared Lee Loughner.