Ai Weiwei Has 10 Days to Pay $2.4 Million in “Taxes,” Ahem Ahem

Remember how the Chinese government attempted to fine dissident artist Ai Weiwei $1.85 million in alleged due “taxes and fines,” while refusing to return Ai’s confiscated company account books, lying that he admitted to tax evasion and never having officially arrested or charged him in the first place? They’ve just raised the bill a mill and a half.

After 81 days of false imprisonment and mental torture, Ai was supposed shh, but instead, he wrote a caustic anti-government corruption essay in Newsweek, directed soft-core-ish arrest-themed fashion shoot in NYC, got crowned as the world’s most powerful artist and tweeted stuff like this:

“In the battle between creating evil laws and creating good laws, speaking out is golden and silence is death.”

He’s special. So special, it’s the state police and not the tax bureau that are investigating this “tax” matter. It’s chilly in here.