Ai Weiwei’s Cellphone Phallus and More From the New Art Army

09.14.11 Marina Galperina

The long-awaited new “royal” models of the Seattle-based artist Mike Leavitt’s Art Army have arrived and they’re very a-HA!-worthy. The lil Ai Weiwei wielding a cellular dick, the orange Christo mutant with a teeny Jeanne-Claude peaking out of his chest, the Barbara Kruger with the Kim-Kardashian-a-la-Barbara Krugered body… Brilliant. Peruse!

Of course, anyone recently dead made the cut too: Cy Twombly is his squiggle. Mega meta fun. “The Art Army Royalty,” Michael Leavitt, Jonathan Levine Gallery II, Sep 10 – Oct 8, New York