Ai Weiwei’s Studio Demolished

By the time Ai Weiwei made to his studio in the outskirts of Shanghai, 80% of it was demolished. Ai watched as the Chinese gov worker lackeys completely razed and leveled the studio yesterday.

Ai Weiwei has been rubbing the Communist heads the wrong way forever. He supported political prisoners. He criticized the government for the corrupt, shoddy construction that played a role in the deaths of thousands of schoolchildren during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Recently, he made two documentaries — one about a man who killed six police officers in Shanghai after they beat him for riding an unlicensed bicycle and one about a Shanghai lawyer who was stranded at Tokyo’s Narita airport for more than 100 days after the Chinese government blocked him from re-entering China.

In response, the Chinese government scheduled a demolition of his studio for Feb. 3 and decided to show up early without any warning. “Everything is gone,” Ai tells the New York Times.

The demolition: (See more photos here.)

(Photos: NYT and ArtThreat)