TVHEADMedia artist Dan Rosenfeld has mounted a tank-like techie contraption on his shoulders, blowing up and live-projecting his face onto an 24″ LCD screen. It’s called The Big Head. Watch him work the street in it.

In this newly uploaded video, Rosenfeld is delighting kiddies on Halloween (a perfect test night) with tech-savvyness their tiny candy-drunk brains can’t even begin to comprehend; they’re just all like, haha, hehe, so cool. And it is cool.

Confounded by the fact that videoconferencing isn’t as popular as it should be (maybe it’s the lack of authentic eye-contact?) Rosenfeld has been tinkering with this thing for a year. So he put this tank-like, half-silvered mirror-equipped thing on his head and went out to do some field research. Great.