According to the latest FBI data, way too many Americans are getting arrested for weed. In 2010, police busted over 850,000 people on pot-related offenses. As NORML notes, that accounts for “more than one-half (52 percent) of all drug arrests in the Untied States,” of those, 46 percent were for possession. It’s no wonder law enforcement doesn’t want to legalize the herb. It’s their bread and butter. (Photo: Sp▲ce C▲det/flickr)

As you can imagine, these latest findings also provide more reasons to avoid the Midwest at all costs:

By region, the percentage of marijuana arrests was highest in the Midwest (63.5 percent of all drug arrests) and southern regions (57 percent of all drug arrests) of the United States and lowest in the west, where pot prosecutions comprised only 39 percent of total drug arrests.

Here’s a handy graph to visual the frequency of the scariness. And yes you read that correctly: 97.5 people an hour are arrested on weed-related charges!
US Marijuana Arrests