ANIMAL, Now 1000% More Professional

We have some big news to announce today. ANIMAL will no longer operate on sweaty vapors alone – we’ve gotten ourselves a partner. Mother New York will be providing us with support and creative resources that will finally give us a chance to become the ghetto CNN we’ve always aspired to be. So, what does this mean for our readers?

Basically, less crap writing by me, more original content, a much-needed site redesign, more exhibits and events (with free drinks), and developing other cool shit that our broke-asses would have never dreamed of doing before.

As good as it feels to finally find a sugar mama, now the real work begins — and we need your help. We’re looking to recruit writers, artists, weirdos, and other talented types who want to contribute. Some full-time, some part-time, some whenever. Please email us writing/art samples if you’re interested or, even better, recommend someone you’d love to see published here.