A burglar setting up to take off with several used laptops and its “priceless,” personal contents was thwarted when the attempted crime was captured by an interactive art project’s component — a $50 motion activated camera. Ooh, robots are nifty.

Photos of the crime in progress were emailed by the gadget to the would-be burglary victim, School of Visual Arts administrator Levent Cetiner. Astronomically fortunate to be living just around the corner from his place of employment, Cetiner called 911, rushed on home and caught the would-be thief in action.

“He was still in there. It was locked from the inside. I shouted outside the door, you’re being recorded. Just leave the stuff and leave the building,” he tells CBS. The robber was later caught by the cops, hiding in the basement of the building.

So, one time, my interactive art project’s components — a frying pan and some eggs — accidentally made fried eggs. Alert the media!

Just kidding. This is indeed very fortunate.