In a recent action dubbed “White on Red,” activist artists marched 90 steps in Kremlin’s Red Square and threw white flags at Lenin’s mausoleum, to the dislike of local police. They were arrested for a few hours. UPDATE: They are not part of Other Russia as previously reported.

In 1945, Nazi banners were surrendered here, thrown down symbolically to announce Soviet victory over the German invasion. In the same tradition, the group lead by Denis Mustafin threw down white flags to reject the current Kremlin regime and any “personal conformity.”

The umbrella coalition Other Russia includes human rights activists, communists, former presidential financial advisers and the very radical National Bolshevik Eduard Limonov — an eclectic bunch. UPDATE: Artist Denis Mustafin tells ANIMAL this is a mistake on part of the Russian press. One Other Russia bloke just Tweeted the happenings, but this is action is independent of all political affiliation.

Here’s a bit of the White on Red treatise, translated:

It’s open season for opposition and intervention. White is the color of milk which the government feeds you, clutching you to its breast. White is the color of submission to another’s hegemony. If you are feeling you are about to teeth, break away from the mental grasp of the ruling class and return their white flags to them!

A mash-up of the action with related historical footage: