Swiss duo Com&Com are looking for a Russian baby that plans to pop out around this fall’s Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. They’ll give the parents $10,000 to enlist it into their international league of babies named “Dada.” The 1918 Dadaism manifesto reads: “DADA DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING,” but it does in Russian, so… here comes lil comrade Yes-yes!

Project Gugusdada (“goo goo’s dada”) will undoubtedly succeed: This is way easier than making Russians procreate for refrigerator incentives (true story).

In all seriousness, this is an absurd idea. The good kind of absurd. Take it from here, Natasha.
(Did we mention you have to a citizen and have a partner to apply? Single mother migrants: You’re shit out of luck, apparently.)