Brooklyn’s Habana Outpost owner Sean Meenan commissioned a mural for his restaurant that would “unite the community,” blending the image of Notorious B.I.G. and revolutionary Che. Cue drama! Who gets the artist credit? CERN who painted the actual mural, Lee Quinones who painted the actual pigeons or a 21-year-old Parsons student who submitted the original design?

Art student John Garcia currently making some hubbub says he was promised an artist credit “on the wall” for designing and Adobe Photoshopping the mural template and didn’t get it. CERN had no comment. Lee Quinones said “The names that should be on the wall are the ones who painted it – myself and Cern” since they “spent several weeks physically painting on scaffolding” and worked out the photo-realistic pigeon visual idea/lyrical metaphor together, which, subjectively speaking, make the mural. So, who gets the cred?

He also had this to say about pigeons, “I consider them very majestic animals. They’re peaceful and smart and they unfairly get a bad rap as ‘rats with wings.’”