Blogger Admits Blowing Up Stalin Statue in Ukraine

02.03.11 Marina Galperina

LiveJournal blogger Kikhot1953 just confessed to blowing up a statue of dead dictator Joseph Stalin in Zaporozhye, Ukraine on Dec 31. He says that innocent people were being harassed by the police, so it was time.

Anonymous (until they track him down), he writes:

It was not my intention to intimidate or harm anyone. On the contrary, this was a natural reaction to [the authority’s] attempts to intimidate the community and myself personally with this monument. I do not belong to any organization and I acted alone.

He then proceeds to describe the precautions he took to make sure the first floor of the building was empty (uh… yikes!) and goes into extreme details of the preparations, materials and execution of the act, second by second, as well as what he’s wearing in the unreleased surveillance camera footage.

However, the police – who are continually arresting more suspects – are skeptical of the internet testimony say the blogger is bullshitting and is trying to divert attention from a culprit organization. Other LiveJournal bloggers are calling Kikhot1953 everything from “Batman” to “pranky troll” to “shoot this guy.” And yet, one of the strangest parts of this story is that Slavs are still erecting statues to Stalin.