Bob Dylan Isn’t a Plagiarist, Just a Bad Painter

10.03.11 Marina Galperina

After the grand hoopla about former cultural icon and meh painter Bob Dylan completely plagiarizing most of his paintings at Gagosian from photographs, a Magnum rep has come forward to clarify that at least three of these shots were formally licensed to Dylan.

Count ’em, 11 out of 18 exhibited paintings were stealing subjects, compositions and souls of random Magnum’s, public domain work and some dude’s Flickr, and three prove prior motive to legally copy the work while presenting it as original. Did Dylan really think he could bite Henri Fucking Cartier-Bresson and no one would go hmmm?

That’s not to say you can’t paint something great using photographs, but great this ain’t. Seeing how Dylan’s quite the music copyright crusader, he’s a bit of a hypocrite.