Boogie’s Wet Plate Photography Series

05.23.11 Marina Galperina

Belgrade-born, Brooklyn-based street legend Boogie isn’t shooting Brooklyn gangs and Serbian skinheads right now, he’s got an adorable brood to be daddy to. Meanwhile, he’s been making a series of wet plate photographs of his friends in Belgrade. It’s a tedious process where Boogie plays alchemist, “mixing chemicals and pouring plates in a tiny dirty basement” and everyone comes out looking evil and possessed.

Contrasting his verité photography that stares up the barrel of a gun if it has to, for that perfect decisive moment, this series is an ode to Boogie’s love for very, very old school technique. All works in the show are unique. No negatives of exist. “Demons,” Boogie, May 27 – Jun 25, The Outsiders Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK