Brooklyn Business Tired of ‘BS’ Graffiti

10.11.11 ANIMAL

The owner of a film and TV production company in Greenpoint hates a certain graffiti tag that has been popping up near his business for the past nine months or so and is ready to take action.

Broadway Stages’ Tony Argento is offering up a $5,000 reward for anyone willing to snitch on identify the person who puts up the letters “BS,” hoping to stop him bombing the entire neighborhood.

Greenpoint artist NoJCohley attempted to shine a light on the case by lending an artist’s perspective to the Brooklyn Paper: “He is doing a great job of doing what graffiti artists do — destroying property,” he goes on to say that the “majority of ‘graff’ writers don’t want a show in a gallery or even money for their efforts in the public space.”

Deputy Inspector Terence Hurson of the 94th Precinct has said that they are looking for multiple suspects. According to him, “It’s a whole team of people who write their initials within the ‘BS, I saw it twice on the way back from a meeting today. Once you start looking for it, you notice it everywhere.” It’s almost as if an entire graffiti crew is doing it, huh? Either way, we’ll place our bets on neither of these guys being able to figure out this “BS” mystery. (Photo: Luna Park/flickr)