FILMA viral video director found a lost canister of film in Prospect Park and made a video about it that went viral. I know what you’re thinking, but Todd Bieber assures it’s 100% real and as of this morning, the owners of “Brooklyn Found Film” are still at large. UPDATE: Todd has received threats involving Ferris wheels.

Oh, the video’s great. The crosscut exposition, POV reenactments, emphatic narration as he slideshows through Sepia toned photos of the blizzard over Conney Island and snow-engulfed cars and fantasizing about the mysterious persons posing through snowfall, possibly Russian tourists that will shower him with gratitude and inviting him to visit them abroad… And the photos aren’t bad either.

Yeah, real nice. You could believe it. Could, if your heart hasn’t crusted over with callous, impenetrable frost, preventing you believing for a moment that this coincidence can be real…

UPDATE: When asked whether he’s got any leads, Todd tells ANIMAL:

Nothing concrete yet. A few people think it’s a professional soccer player — but I have know way of contacting that person. (and despite the similarity in appearance I have my doubts.)

I’m rolling with the skepticism. There is a lot of fake stuff out there — so I understand people’s doubt. But, this is real. I’m a filmmaker and a writer — so I tried to do a good job telling the story. Some of the stuff is a bit insane (someone said they want to throw me off a ferris wheel! haha!) — but I’m just trying to be honest. So whatever. That’s what happens when you put stuff on the internet.