Media Pop Art: Charlie Sheen Smoking Rock and Bin Laden Under the Sea

08.25.11 Marina Galperina

Check out Tom Sanford’s latest paintings: From this year’s mass of overzealous media fancy and Twitter feeds, it’s Charlie Sheen on a luxurious binge and Osama Bin Laden teeming with aquatic life. ANIMAL asked the artist if the work is his own reaction to the diarrhea of the 24-hour, scandal and celeb-obessed news cycle or he’s playing zeitgeist to the nation’s consciousness. Specifically, if he’s fantasizing about Bin Laden rotting under the sea or if he’s just fascinated with the nation-wide jingoism behind the kill…

I am pretty ambivalent about the Bin Laden situations. Both statements apply. I am certainly extremely very happy that Bin Laden is a goner and I think that the excitement around the death was very understandable, but there is also something to be said for winning with grace. I think that much of the public celebration was college kids who were looking for an excuse to not study for finals (due to the events timing).

Zoing. Tom Sanford’s new work will be exhibited at “The Decline of Western Civilization (Part 3),” Tom Sanford, Sep 2 – Oct 1, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen