Beating out the Smithsonian and other institutions, the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte will land the U.S. Airways jet that American hero Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger coolly glided into the Hudson River without killing anyone and make it a tourist attraction.

The entire plane will be put on display, which is one of the reasons they got the aircraft according to museum president Shawn Dorsch. The other? Destination:

This is a Charlotte story. The airplane was destined for Charlotte. There are so many survivors in Charlotte.

Never ever thought of it like that since, ya know, it happened in New York, but okay. In addition to putting the reassembled jet on display, a local official who assisted in obtaining the aircraft, Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon, floated some ideas on making the exhibit seem as realistic as possible.

Potentially, (you’d) have the opportunity one day to actually walk out on the wings of this plane and look down as if you’re actually on the Hudson River itself.

Why not just turn it into a water park ride and let people splash down in it like a log flume?