On Sunday afternoon, a Chinese man was handing out a flyer, allegedly “for an artist,” near Wall Street and at Zuccotti Park. It was purportedly written by “the hottest star from China” seeking a “not asian” husband with a lengthy list of requirements, including but not limited to a masters from “Harvard” “Yale” or “Oxon,” a house and a car.

“I want my Husband very Interested in political and Economic, he would like to Dominate the world,” writes Luo Yufeng. If that name rings familiar, you’re either from China or spend way too much time on the internet. If this is really Luo Yufeng and not an impersonating performance artist, she’s a star alright. Like Brother Sharp, Luo Yufeng is one of China’s most famous human memes.

This choosy petite lady has previously sought a qualified hubby in her homeland via prolific leaflet distribution, proclaiming herself as “the brightest human being in the past three centuries,” becoming the biggest internet celebrity in China in 2009 and being pelted with an egg on China’s Got Talent.

Seems that, alas, Luo Yufeng has yet to find love, allegedly. “300,000 chinese man asked marry me, but none of them is suitable,” allegedly. She’s looking for a 1%-er, or at the very least, an upper 99%-er, allegedly.

Ha ha ha? Art?