NYC Park Department’s press release announcing Ai Weiwei’s public art display at the Pulitzer Fountain on Fifth and 59th is forgetting something… something important… like that Ai hasn’t been heard from since he was arrested and detained by the Chinese gov on April 3rd under the pretense of ridiculous accusations like illegal distribution of pornography and plagiarism.

Here’s a taste of the press release:

Born in Beijing in 1957, Ai Weiwei is the son of one of China’s most respected poets. He left China for New York to pursue his artistic career, enrolling in the Parsons School of Design in 1983. Although he did not complete his degree, Ai lived in New York from 1981 to 1993, and has a strong affinity for the city, its people, and energy. Commenting on New York’s cultural diversity, he has described it as a “zodiac city.” Most recently, he helped design the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium in Beijing, and created the art installation Sunflower Seeds, which featured one hundred million handmade porcelain sunflower seeds, on display at the Turbine Hall in London’s Tate Modern. Documentary footage of Ai Weiwei and the making of Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is included in the exhibition.

No, actually, most recently Ai Weiwei has been, reportedly, forced to admit to “tax charges” under torture and has had his internet supporters bombarded with government hackers and spambots.

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