If you thought the bike lane issue created a stir amongst the local tabloids, wait till they sink their teeth into the city’s ambitious plan bike-share program. Officials announced that 10,000 rental bikes will be made available beginning next summer via 600 self-service stations, making it one of the world’s biggest.

But unlike other cities, it won’t use public funds, a detail which isn’t likely to lessen the inevitable venom from New York Post or Daily News scribes. Streetsblog broke out some of the finer details which we copy and pasted below:

  • Within the service area, which will stretch from the Upper West Side and Upper East Side to Bed Stuy and Greenpoint, New Yorkers will have access to 10,000 public bikes at about 600 stations.
  • Annual memberships will cost under $100. Members will be able to make trips of up to 30 minutes at no charge.
  • The stations will be sited with input from local communities, and the City Council will hold hearings on the program.