‘Community Serviced Too’ Boxes

07.08.11 Bucky Turco

Remember those one-off, art adorned ShowPaper distribution boxes? Last night, a new series was exhibited and we got some exclusive photos, although you should really see all sides to fully appreciate them.

Once again curated by Andrew H. Shirley, “Community Serviced Too” features work from the likes of Adam Void & Chris Stain, BAK & VIL, CELSO & SKEWVILLE, CLAW & JESSE, Dennis McNett, Doyle Huge & Mikey 907, GAIA & Heidi Tullmann, HELLBENT w/ Alison & Garrison Buxton, Leon Reid IV & POSTERBOY, MINT & SERF, Poneros & SPAM, Sto & Kelie Bowman, SWOON & Noah Sparkes, UFO 907, and a SURE tribute by FAUST.

There was 16 boxes in all and the plan is to put them in key locations around the city, both on the streets and in stores that will “host” them, presumably so they don’t show up on eBay like last time. (Photos: Michael Weinfeld/ANIMALNewYork)