Turns out the renowned art/architecture/engineering school Cooper Union can’t afford to “save” their struggling tenants, the beloved St. Mark’s Bookshop from closing after all. The historically tuition-free school funded largely by its respected alum may start charging. In 2010, the full worth of Cooper U’s complimentary tuition was estimated at $140,000. Yikes.

On second thought, that giant metallic orgami-esque 41 Cooper Square cube may have been a tad too extravagant. Not to be flip though. Since school kid years have I heard of its fabled free education and merit-based, 5% admission rates. Times are hard. Peter Cooper originally believed that highest quality education should be “free as air and water,” which is next.

Alums include Thomas Edison, Eva Hesse, Joel-Peter Witkin, Mike Mills and Dan Witz.