Daily News Gets In on Bike Lane Hating

The city’s local tabloids are well aware that manufactured controversy sells, but the Daily News has been relatively moderate in their criticism of the bike lanes compared to the New York Post, until now.

On Friday, the paper blasted Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and “illiterate” cyclists for riding bikes on the pedestrian side of the Manhattan Bridge paths. Not content with their initial barrage, they did another piece days later and this one said “maniacal cyclists” lashed out at them. Their source? Twitter. #LOL!

Well, the New York Post wasn’t about to sit by and let their chief rival upstage them, so they choose the Brooklyn Bridge and hyped up the some of the difficulties cyclists and pedestrians are having on the span, which is by no means a new problem. It’s also one of those situations where inattentive tourist is in the wrong, nine out of ten times. But the tabloid still faulted cyclists and suddenly all is back to normal again. (Photo: mcbrooklyn)