Damien Hirst’s Vagina Tattoo “Banned” in the UK

08.30.11 Marina Galperina

Thanks to Dasha Zhukova’s new fashion-art glossy Garage mag, a 23-year-old Brit designer has had her most intimate body parts adorned with Damien Hirst’s “signature” butterfly (“signature” like Jeff Koons’ “balloon dogs,” ahem ahem). The tat vag mag hits newsstands September 5th, but it’s already been banned by leading British newsstand distributor WHSmith, despite the Andy Warhol for Velvet Underground-style “Peel Slowly and See” sticker covering the actual carnal crevice and its flip flaps.

There’s also a John Baldessari “I will not not wear any more boring tattoos” scribble, because an ultra-reverse butterfly tramp stamp is unboring, presumably. Hey, let’s give the girl some props for taking two sittings of “the worst pain I have felt” for the team! Joined by two other less [s]exciting participators in the curious ‘INKED’ project (see alternate covers bellow), Ms. Shauna Taylor has manifested a unique opportunity for those with privileges to her genitalia — they can literally “FUCK DAMIEN HIRST!”

In case you’re wondering how come former POP editor/Damien Hirst collaborator Dasha Zhukova named her magazine “Garage” — when there’s like 100 Garages already — aside from being an art world heavyweight, her boyfriend is the Russian oligarch with the giant mega-yacht that shoots lasers. She can do whatever she wants.