DEA Rules Against Science, Justice, and the American Way

07.11.11 Bucky Turco

The DEA, a federal agency with no medical expertise whatsoever and an obvious conflict of interest, has decided that pot lacks therapeutic value and therefore should remain a Schedule I drug. This decision was in response to a petition filed way back in 2002 seeking to have cannabis reclassified, but according to the feds, weed has “no currently accepted medical use.” REALLY?

By keeping it caged up as a Schedule I substance, it’s almost impossible for researchers in the U.S. to study it further, leaving the good herb in a state of limbo. For the lucky few that have gotten samples to test—including the government’s own National Institutes of Health—along with smart people in other nations without such restrictive policies, the preponderance of evidence overwhelmingly contradicts the DEA’s findings. Meanwhile, a plethora of HIGHLY ABUSED, opium-based drugs like OxyContin and Percocet, are not only Schedule II, but also sold legally.