‘Dead Drop’ Drive With Cold War Secrets Installed in Berlin’s Spy Tower

09.21.11 Marina Galperina

DEADDROPF.A.T. artist Aram Bartholl’s Dead Drop hack-art empire is growing. Here’s a giddy volunteer installing an “anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network” at highest point of the Teufelsberg — an abandoned U.S. NSA “listening” tower in Berlin.

The location was allegedly used to spy on the Soviets in the ’60s “or something,” so, appropriately, this particular Dead Drop spackled into the graffitied brick ruins at the top of the decrepit dome contains “confidential cold war material – Do NOT put it on the internet.”

Too far? There’s a new local Dead Drop in the side of the Pace Gallery for their Social Media” show which also features David Byrne’s fake apps. Good company (through October 15th.)