Deal of the Day: Cornell’s Awesome Pre-Law Summer

02.09.11 Lauri Apple

Only $4,970 for four credits. That doesn’t include housing, meals, transportation, or anything else. Move over Canal Street sunglasses, there’s a new bargain in town!

The target demo includes maybe/wannabe lawyers, but also people who “simply want to know more about the law and how it affects our everyday lives.” As one former student says, “This program is a must for anyone considering law school.” If you can’t pay the fee, maybe your parents can mortgage the house–if you’re still lucky to have a house, that is! We hear things are a little tough out there for some people (aw, don’t be sad! Overcoming adversity will make you a better lawyer.).

Some lucky duckies will get to work at internships during part of their six-week jaunt. The rest of you will “enhance your academic record, resumé, and skills” in other ways, no doubt. (I hear there’s some fabulous bars in the Upper East Side.) Never wonder how “the careers of lawyers portrayed in Boston Legal and Law & Order compare to those of real-life lawyers” ever again!

And you wonder how rich assholes get to stay in control of the earth. Oh wait no, you probably don’t, because it’s pretty obvious. (Photo: Hobbes vs Boyle/flickr)