Dennis Hopper “Lives” on a T-Shirt

08.03.11 Marina Galperina

For a second there, that eerie “Hopper Lives” mural on East 12th Street made you go all “aw… tribute,” didn’t it? Then you saw the Vans logo next to the beloved dead guy’s face and went all “eeegh… postmortem merchandising.” Actor/director/photographer/artist Dennis Hopper was in the “very early” stages of this “collaboration” before he died, but his kids and Trust helped Vans to deck out a full, ten-piece collection — a few shirts featuring his work and some button ups, kicks and a driver cap for that “hip old man” look.

“His anti-establishment nature and high value of self-expression match what we strive to accomplish with Vans,” Vans rep says. Right then. Hopper wear is available this month at Urban Outfitters, a company that mercilessly rips off indie designers and whose CEO funds conservative political agendas.