morrisAcademy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (The Fog of War, Tabloid) has made this short film to commemorate¬†48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It’s strange.

He’s focusing on The Umbrella Man, who mysteriously opened a black umbrella on a “beautiful day in the neighborhood” and cast a shadow of doubt over the whole “lone gunman” thing.

The filmmaker says that he’s not meaning to sway the audience one way or the other — he’s just interested that why, “after 48 years, are people still quarreling and quibbling about this case?”

He recruits Josiah Thompson, a Yale-educated Kierkegaard scholar turned private investigator to illustrate one said “quarrel.” The moral of this new short seems to be that the whole “umbrella man” conspiracy is actually a cautionary tale, that if you are faced with “a sinister fact” you will never “on your own” can think of all the thousands of various, non-sinister things it could instead be. So, simmer down. In general. About everything.

So, did Errol Morris just make the ultimate anti-conspiracy theory short? Are you convinced?