Remember the CDSea, Bruce Munro’s awesome scintillating sea of millions of discarded CDs? This the light enthusiast/artist’s latest installation at the Holburne Museum in Bath — a mesmerizing, multicolor display of 5,000 painted, frosted spheres. I doesn’t make me think about Christmas. Gasp! Sacrilege, right?

The Munro’s highly technically skilled and capable of wizzarding up visual splendor a plenty and it’s kind of disappointing even though it’s incredibly appropriate to read him/the museum reduce this piece to… well… shopping. “I hope the Holburne‚Äôs visitors and Christmas shoppers in Bath will enjoy Field of Light,” as he says, while the Daily Mail calls his bulbs “Christmas lights.” I’m no grinch. I like Christmas lights. Love ’em. They make me feel very nice, but by far a better and more interesting background to the installation is the artist’s non-denominational inspiration: His experience in Australia some twenty years ago watching deserts erupt lusciously into bloom after the first rainfall. Ahh.

When it comes to light installations, we’ll take content over “universal appeal” any day. (Photo: Daily Mail)