In South Carolina, a teenager shot his dad and great-aunt to death with a rifle he’d received as a birthday present. He also shot and injured his grandmother. The kid’s dad had bought the gun for his beloved son. Not a very good idea, that.

Reports CNN:

The teenager, who was not identified because he is a juvenile, called police just before midnight Monday and reported that he had shot his aunt, his grandmother and his father, said Tony Fisher, director of the Spartanburg, South Carolina, Public Safety Department.

The boy told the dispatcher his father was dead, and said “in a calm, controlled, methodical voice that he would be waiting or come outside when police arrived, and he had laid the gun on the dining room table,” Fisher told reporters Tuesday. As officers arrived, the teen came out with his hands up and was arrested, he said.

Apparently, he told the cops he didn’t know why he did it. So they were like, “Oh, OK. Well, get back to us when you figure it out.” Meanwhile, the kid’s in major trouble. As is true in so many modern-day American dramas, nobody wins.

Naturally, the anonymous-commenter community has weighed in with valuable insights into parenting, psychology, and constitutional law, among other relevant topics.

Don’t blame the gun, blame the shooter. It’s also obvious that there were some dysfunctional issues at play here.

Or maybe the devil made the boy do it?

Sounds like demonic possession. The boy is unable to explain why he shot his family members. Just like when Ronald DeFeo, Jr. in 1974 shot his family members in Amityville, NY.

Good point. Also, did you consider that maybe that family didn’t have enough guns?

It’s the father’s, grandmother’s and great aunt’s fault! If they would’ve listened to the NRA and ALL had guns instead of just the boy, then they could’ve defended themselves.

Just imagine: Dad, Great-Aunt, Grandmother, and the kid, all sitting in personal recliner chairs, cradling their snack bowls and their rifles as they watch the TV. When an argument breaks out about who’s going to change the channel or whatever, everybody starts waving their guns around. The bowls of snacks spill onto the floor, the family house cat or dog runs off into another room to hide, and then … ? Somebody should resurrect Norman Rockwell to paint this heartwarming scene of American family life.

Anyway. What should the courts do now?

Damn Savage… He should be tried as an adult since he knew to call the police after what he did. He had the choice to call the paramedics for his family or the police for himself and he called the police. Fry this violent savage.

Unless I’m missing something here, dialing 911 makes you an adult. So this cop-calling cat should be tried as an adult human if it ever commits any crimes. It’s only fair.

Also, did you know that Gabrielle Giffords has gotten too much media attention? Someone seems to thinks so:

But, they weren’t politicians. So, why should anyone care?

All teenagers are psychopaths anyhow, so this was bound to happen:

Typical teen… Why did you kill them? (*shrug*) “I dunno.”

Lesson: Buy your kid an Xbox for their birthday, or an iPad.

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