Dr. Sketchy’s Sexy Transmetropolitan Geekout

03.01.11 Marina Galperina

Sunday, I found myself backstage at the Bowery Poetry Club, hovering near adult stars changing into Warren Ellis’s cyberpunk heroes from the graphic novel Transmetropolitan. Jiz Lee was getting “tattooed” into Spider Jerusalem, while Molly Crabapple personally Sharpied Ryan Keely as Channon Yarrow’s pasties into bar codes for Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. Pics below.

Highlights: A full house of fanboys ‘n’ girls cheering for Jiz Lee getting their futuristic Gonzo on so right and Molly pointing me to a poster of the Scott Walker of Wisconsin shame on the set wall. The real life villain mixed in seamlessly with Callahan.

Images (some NSFW-ish):