Earlier this month, New York Shitty posted several photos of passed out vagabonds snoozing all over McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. But they’re not just an eyesore. They smell and poop all over the place, even near the children’s playground.

The Brooklyn Paper picks up on the story and reports that over a 100 people lodged complaints at a recent community meeting against the congregation of winos, some of whom use the sprinklers as showers and the trees as toilets. “I just find it visually displeasing. Some of them are passed out and they urinate on the trees. I don’t want my son crawling around where they peed,” said one Greenpoint mom.

And apparently, the conditions aren’t just bad for human babies. This baby squirrel was rescued from the park after it got separated from its parents. (Photo: New York Shitty)