We’ve noticed you, Boo-Hooray Gallery. Quirky shows. Culture star weirdos. Fetishy stuff. Very nice. Now you guys can all pretend that you knew that Ed Wood wrote smut. This right here is a precious round-up of his occult psychosexual literature, porno speckled with philosophical and sociological rants.

Come behold Ed Wood’s first person narratives of “life as a transvestite in the buttoned up America of the 1950’s” and “a desperately soul-searching drunk with a sense of self-worth that would stand in dichotomy to his self-pity. ” Great stuff. “He died in 1978 of an alcohol-induced heart attack. His friends say the porn killed him. “Ed Wood’s Sleaze Paperbacks,” Nov 2 – Dec 4, Opening Night (with RSVP) Nov 2 6-9pm, Boo-Hooray Gallery, NYC