Exploded Cop Car, Other Things at NYC Art Gallery

This is NONEISSAFE — an NYPD patrol car burnt up by Turkish-born, NYC-based artist Vahap Avsa. “I wanted to play with the idea of an untouchable institution, the NYPD, being infiltrated and destroyed,” the artist explains. “And I think that’s very possible. I hope that will never happen, but we live in a world of unconventional wars.”

The charred auto-carcass is on view as part of his solo show at Charles Bank Gallery, along with paintings of catastrophes, postcards from ’60s and ’90s Istanbul, censored by a totalitarian regime that sees innocent photos of a solider and his girlfriend as a threat, and the video work Tekmil that comments on the Turkey’s compulsory military service. The theme of the exhibition may be “censorship and oppression,” but the exploded cop car is certainly the centerpiece. “Noneisafe,” Vahap Avsar, May 12 – June 19, Charles Bank Gallery, NYC