Exploring the LA River Tunnels

Yesterday, I joined “discarted” and a like-minded crew for some subterranean urban exploring. We passed the hut of a fabled hermit along a bank of the LA River, entered a tunnel and went deep into the pitch dark, until the graffiti tapered off completely into nothing but walls replete with wild roaches and mineral formations.

Some of our less adventurous comrades turned back. We soldiered on and walked from Silverlake to Eagle Rock, sticking mostly to the main way while tangent, slender, seductive tunnels were resisted/left for later. It was a lesson in geology (albeit, I didn’t catch what that inky, crazy-hued solid stone-cicles are called), entomology (herds of roaches), city engineering (“Should we give those people up on the sidewalk grate a scare? No?”), art history (“Pick-asso” graffiti) and watching your head (single strings of cobwebs dripped like long, sticky claws.) Fun. (Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMAL New York)