FEMENIt’s the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day! Let’s see how long this video greeting from topless kinda-feminists FEMEN will last on YouTube before getting pulled. Update: Down from YouTube, up on Vimeo. Of course. NSFW.

Made you look! With boobs! Now then. Sure, I don’t agree with these ladies on quite a few matters (their anti-pornography crusade and deliberate deafness to anything LGBT related), I do agree with the message of this video. Until it gets kind of odd.

See, over time this day has turned into “a socialist Valentine’s Day, with flowers and gifts replacing fresh calls for women’s rights.” Transcript of FEMEN’s giggle-fit vid-take on the issue:

…Happy March 8th, although the holiday has gone pop and turned into some rotten day of attention from men, candy, presents, some sort of silly adaptations of brooms [bouquets]. We don’t need any of this. Of course, we’ll take all of it, as I would wish you would. Take everything from men, build a barricade out of it and take away the government power from them too, because that’s what we need now!.. Women, don’t expect shallow, stickin’ candy! Defend Ukraine! Get out and protest!.. Come! Undress! Conquer!