FEMEN Get Smacked Around at Anti-Press Persecution Protest

07.18.11 Marina Galperina

PRESSUkrainian topless FEMEN activists protested by the Georgian Consulate in Kiev today clad in minimalist, semi-militant costume of “press” panties and prop-cameras. A consulate employee proceeded to shove them, kick journalists and beat down their gear. NSFW.

FEMEN were protesting the arrests of Georgian president’s personal photographer and two photogs with the Associated Press and the European Pressphoto Agency, who were accused of spying for Russia. The Human Rights Center advocacy group in Georgia has condemned the intensifying investigations of press as a “violation of the freedom of expression.”

Meanwhile, post-2008’s War in South Ossetia, tensions between Russia, Georgia and Ukraine remain high and… complicated.

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(Photo: Valentin Ogirenko)