KGBSorry for the skinfest we seem to be having today, but it should be pointed out that Ukrainian’s protest crew FEMEN is quickly approaching avant garde theater territory with their latest protest against the dictatoresque leader of Belorussia.

We don’t know who the new girl is, but she’s a sport.

Alright, so all these costumes and elaborate action scenes don’t make it a Richard Forman play, nor will the signature screeching make the gals into Diamanda Galas, yet…

After last week’s return of “Ghost Bloodytitties” to haunt the Prime Minister of Ukraine and today’s parody of a Belorussian president Lukashenko (who looks like this, is guilty of egregious human rights violations and is dubbed responsible for the recent arrest of guest FEMEN activist, Australian journalist Kitty Green)… FEMEN has thereby long surpassed the “crazy chicks running around topless” category into something altogether very performative. We need a new label aside from “protest crew.” Suggestions?

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