FEMENFEMEN’s dreams are coming true. The infamous Ukrainian topless protest crew is heading to Europe to protest the Pope, Silvio Berlusconi and Dominique Strauss-Kahn… and can it be? A joint conference with Ilona “la Cicciolina” Staller?

This is their little trailer wherein they promise to teach European feminists to use their body for protesting and spread “women’s revolution” across the world. Nice editing choice — splicing one of the Ukrainian Parliament sausage fest’s fist fights (it happens) — for a minute there, FEMEN’s idea of a forced matriarchy seems less crazy. Their tentative Euro Tour itinerary:

29/10 – Press conference at Club 44, La Chaux-de-Fondes, 18:15.
31/10 – Action against Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Paris.
04/11 – Press conference on the theme ‘Euro 2012 without Prostitution’ in Milan, Italy.
05/11 – Joint press conference with Ciccolina against Silvio Berlusconi in Monza, Italy.
06/11 – Action against the Pope at the Vatican.
11/11 – Party with DJ Alpine and our Austrian FEMEN support group in Austria.

As ridiculously insane it would be for the “fierce bitches of democracy” to go all tits-out in the Vatican, the premise of
Ilona Staller and FEMEN joining forces in Italy (and perhaps, disagreeing about pornography? oooooh!!!) is just as exciting. Lest you forget, la Cicciolina is a hardcore porn princess, a politician “famous for delivering political speeches with one breast exposed” who “offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein if he would release the foreign hostages” before the outset of the Gulf War, Jeff Koons’ ex-wife (ew), angel and this:

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