FEMENistas Are a Bad Influence, Tsk Tsk

Two days, two FEMEN actions. Yesterday, in an action dubbed “Proletariat of the World, Disrobe!” the Ukrainian gals joined up with a group of shirtless dudes and bra-ed broads rallying for housing reform – ’cause they’ll now support anyone “brave enough to protest nude,” like them. This morning, they flashed some young patriots…

…and got dragged off by the coppers. They crashed a rally called “Forward!” with their own “Forward and Backward!” better translated as “Back and Forth!” given the context. Wait, hold on. Wasn’t all this FEMEN stuff about feminism at some point?

So ends a two day romp of prolific, confusing protests with increasingly general motives, less tits and more tats (as in new tattoos):