FEMEN’s Dramatic Arrest Video

07.27.11 Marina Galperina

DramaHere is FEMEN’s Inna Shevchenko getting arrested, sprinting away and getting dragged back screaming into a police van. She was picked up for allegedly provoking the Georgian Embassy employee to beat up journalists during their last topless, pro-press protest.

A criminal investigation is under way of the Embassy rep who got slap-happy while FEMEN protested the persecution of press in Georgia, namely the arrest of photographers/suspected Russian spies. He is not in custody.

That’s pretty much it. Major Slav blog hub LiveJournal has been down via DDoS attacks, impeding more FEMEN news, but here’s an amusing little number: Online paper LB.au has Photoshoped photos of an old FEMEN protest to fake their affiliation with those boob-smooshing gals from “Army of Putin.” FEMEN hate Putin. A lot.

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