FEMEN’s Painfully Inappropriate Japan Tribute

03.16.11 Marina Galperina

Ukrainian activist troupe FEMEN erred in judgment before, but this is just strange. Here’s their latest topless antic on the streets of Kiev honoring the strength of the Japanese people in crisis. It involves a “Shake Boobs Not Earth” sign and said boobs resting on samurai swords. NSFW.

For an extra element of uncomfortable, here’s FEMEN’s action description, reluctantly translated:

FEMEN conducts an action in support of the Japanese people. “Praise those who defeat the dragon!” FEMEN are earnestly inspired by the Japanese people who were able to overcome this disaster. Their strength, their samurai self-control, their heroic actions in time of crisis should serve as examples for all of us. Japan has proved their ability to rise from the ashes before and we believe they will defeat the Dragon before the cherry blossoms bloom.

Right. This does not explain why they’re sitting in seppuku positions… among other whys, in light of the latest confirmed statistics: 4,255 dead and 8,194 missing.