FEMEN’s Theme Song and Chernobyl Video

05.16.11 Marina Galperina

libyaHere are two latest videos from Ukrainian topless protest girl-crew FEMEN, both directed by a non-Ukrainian non-girl. The “Forbidden Zone” action vid of their action pretty much kills Chernobyl porn. Their music video is infectious. NSFW

Looks like FEMEN’s male posse of roadies now includes a foreign professional photog/videographer (whose oeuvre revolves around pretty womens). He thinks punching in random dialogue from zombie films into a supposedly sentimental Chernobyl video “dedicated to Fukushima” is appropriate. Egh, offensive cheese! Walk it off, ladies. In a Chernobyl graveyard. Looking sad. Facepalm.

The other is a reel of their activity, meh, tits and a few good shots with a corny-ass pop hook. Sing it with me now, “FEMEN Girls! FEMEN Girls! Somethin’ mumbly! FEMEN Girls!” (Directed by Alain Margot)