FEMEN’s Topless Motorcade for Saudi Women’s Right to Drive

06.16.11 Marina Galperina

This morning, FEMEN staged a motorcade/traffic jam by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ukraine. Hanging out the car windows with bare breasts and niqāb veils, they protested the arrests and whippings of women who attempted to drive in the conservative country. NSFW

Great cause! Good composure! (See video.) A clever choice of signs: “Test-drive democracy!” (Saudi women can’t vote.) …and, eh, a not so clever choice: “Cars for women! Camels for men!” Also, since this is a “Women driving!” protest, you may have wanted to get women to drive those cars, not dudes.

Still, kudos for drawing attention to the upcoming June 17 protest in Saudi Arabia when women, taking needed precautions, will take the wheel, break the law and fight the power!

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