Forecast for DR: Party Cloudy With a Small Chance of (Cocaine) Sprinkles

Cocaine is no longer falling from the skies over the Dominican Republican like it used to reports Time magazine. Historically, the island nation has been a hotspot for cartels who coordinated aerial bombardments of the raw to awaiting traffickers below, even allowing everyday citizens to get in on the wayward package action.

But the party’s over as officials are confident that they may have finally putting a dent in the trade by scrambling fast flying aircraft called Super Tucanos to chase away the drop planes.

The Dominican government purchased eight of the single-engine turbo props flown by their air force with the help the DEA Brazil, who loaned them $100 million to buy the small fleet. Congrats!

Now if they could just explain why cocaine and crack is still a major problem, they might even be able to declare a victory.