Fox News attempted to cover the post-election-fraud protests in Moscow, but decided that the truth wasn’t exciting enough, so they spiced it up with some footage of the riots in Athens, thinking that no one would notice the fucking palm trees.

Yes, Russians feeling duped by Sunday’s documented, obnoxious election fraud¬†are tense and angry out at Triumfalnaya Square, but without the specific fires-in-the-streets and scary revolution-y unrest imagery Fox News would have preferred… so they went ahead and repeatedly transplanted it from Greece. Also, cute headline typos. (“Puttin,” etc.)

In actual news: This election sucked. Protests continue. Lots of the actual fighting is being done by creepy pro-Kremlin young’un Nashi Party, who even had a drum line in their opposition to opposition protests. Also, the authorities have shot themselves in the foot by demonstratively arresting major/celebrity opposition leader Alexey Navalny, martyring him a bit. Also, the other night “soccer hooligan” thugs suddenly put themselves in charge of enforcing crowd “order” (which is always a bad sign) and bullied journalists. Also, Voina’s Leonid Nikolayev was arrested and then excitingly escaped from custody.

But yeah, no palm trees.

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(Tip: Katia Azarova, Screen-grab: ANIMALNewYork)

UPDATE: Ha. Via the Atlantic Wire’s excellent follow-up: Fox called to say that John Stack, vice-president of newsgathering, “confirmed that an error was made and that the video has since been removed and measures will be taken to prevent this from happening again.”